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So why does the rain bring the pain? Well, it is less about the rain and more about the barometric pressure. As barometric pressure decreases, usually clouds begin to form bringing the rain or wet weather. As barometric pressure decreases it also has an effect on the body. If a joint is already inflamed, swollen or abnormal then the decrease in barometric pressure causes the gas and tissues to expand. This is felt as more pain to us.

The body's joints have sensory nerves called baro-receptors that respond to changes in barometric pressure. When the barometric pressure drops or is low, it signifies that the air has become moist. This usually means that the rain is not too far behind. People with arthritis feel the change more because they have less cartilage cushioning their joints. It is true that people with joint pain know the weather before it occurs. When the barometric pressure goes down right before a storm, their pain goes up. The American Journal of Medicine found a correlation that supports this theory.


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